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Benifits of Sumy National Agrarian University

Leading Ukrainian University

Sumy National Agrarian University is one of the most popular universities in Ukraine for international students

Easy элсэлтийн

Sumy National Agrarian University doesn't requiere TOEFL, IELTS and other exams. Бидэнтэй нэгд!

Low tuition fees

Forget about expensive universities. Our tuition fees is the lowest in Ukraine and Europe.

Friendly environment

We have amazing international community in university. All foreign students are happy here.

Bright future for students

You can study a lot of useful and perspective specialities in Sumy National Agrarian University

Interesting cultural life

Here you can visit a lot of interesting and useful events for students in Sumy National Agrarian University

Excllent education

The best teacher of Ukraine will teach you in Sumy National Agrarian University

International cooperation

Sumy National Agrarian University cooperate with big number of international companies and universities

Our Faculites and Departments

биотехнологийн тэнхим

биотехнологийн тэнхим


  • Animal Sciences
  • Technology of livestock production
  • Feed and animal feeding technology
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Cultivation and selection of animals
  • Foreign languages
Иргэний барилгын газар

Иргэний барилгын газар


  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Building constructions & productions
Инженерийн-технологийн газар

Инженерийн-технологийн газар


  • Higher mathematics
  • Electrical systems in agriculture and physics
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Designing of engineering systems
  • Operations technology
  • Technical service
  • Energy in agriculture
  • Tractors and agricultural machines
Agrotechnologies, байгаль орчны ашиглах газар

Agrotechnologies, байгаль орчны ашиглах газар


  • Plant growing
  • Biotechnology and Phytopharmacology
  • Ecology and Botany
  • Agriculture, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
  • Plant protection
  • Gardening and forestry
  • Selection and seeding
Мал эмнэлгийн анагаах ухааны тэнхим

Мал эмнэлгийн анагаах ухааны тэнхим


  • Surgery
  • Therapy, Эм болон эмнэл зүйн оношлогоо
  • Virusology, Patanatomy and Bird Diseases
  • Anatomy, Амьтны хэвийн ба эмгэг физиологи
  • Parasitology and epizootiology
  • Veterinary-sanitary examination, Микробиологи болон зоо эрүүл ахуй
  • Veterinary medicine
Эдийн засаг, удирдлагын газар

Эдийн засаг, удирдлагын газар


  • Administrative management
  • Logistics
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • International Management
  • Management of organizations and administration
  • Нягтлан бодох бүртгэл, аудит
  • Санхүү, зээлийн
  • Business Economics
Хүнсний Технологи газар

Хүнсний Технологи газар


  • Technology of milk and meat
  • Food Technology
  • Engineering technology of food production
  • Philosophy and Sociology
хууль газар

хууль газар


  • Administrative and information law
  • Private and social rights
  • State-legal disciplines and Ukrainian
  • Justice
  • Land and Cadastre
Дараах дипломын боловсролын газар

Дараах дипломын боловсролын газар

Main tasks

  • дипломын дараах боловсрол бүх төрлийн гүйцэтгэх
  • to provide with qualitative educational & research
  • State-legal disciplines and Ukrainian
  • to meet the needs for skilled and highly qualified specialists
  • нийгмийн цаашид нийгэм, эдийн засгийн хөгжлийг дэмжих
Sumy Улсын Хөдөө аж ахуйн их сургуулийн судалгаа

Sumy National Agrarian University

Sumy National Agrarian University is a higher educational establishment with level - IV of accreditation; it is one of the best agrarian universities of Ukraine. Sumy National Agrarian University trains highly qualified specialists for agriculture with profound learning of foreign languages ​​and computer science. The structure of University includes 8 faculties, one Institute and five colleges.

  • Leading university
  • Easy элсэлтийн
  • The lowest tuition fees in Ukraine

Students loves us

Яагаад бидэнд сонгох


We don't require our applicants to take TOEFL exam to apply and study in our medical university.


We don't require our applicants to take IELTS exam to apply and study in our medical university.

100% элсэлтийн

We can guarantee 100% Admission to any chosen course in our university.

100% баталгаат Visa

We are helping to receive the Visa confirmation from Department of Higher Education of Ukraine for all of our applicants.